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Want something different? How about unique?

Band Merchandise

Let’s face it – the so-called “standard” Band Merch ideas hit a brick wall a few decades ago! For example, just how excited do you get at the mention of the words; promotional keychains, T-Shirts, coffee mugs and ballpoint pens? (Okay, I tend to get a little excited over ballpoint pens – but that’s just me). The problem is that there haven’t been any worthwhile alternatives to the stuff that’s always been available.Until now...

Give us a couple minutes of your time and see if what I’m talking about isn’t the best (unexpected) merch idea you’ve been shown,in years.

Great. You’re still here.

Here’s the deal. I know that you’d be interested in a new merch idea that will equate to significant revenue for your Band (through your website, at your concerts, on your Social Media pages or even on your Email lists). Here it is…


When we say unique,we’re not just repeating some ancient sales rhetoric. How so? Well, this product/concept is now launching as a world's first – right here, right now in early 2016. That’s right…


It’s the world’s first and only “Customizable Earbud De-tangler”Here, take a quick look and check out this 2-minute video (it’s really short). Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.


I’m sure that you already have a good idea as to the standard benefits of having popular Band Merchandise. You know…

  • Connecting with your fans on a more personal/daily basis
  • Generating additional income
  • Increasing your Band exposure

However, let’s add something else:

Introducing a problem-solver that your fans are sure to mention (and show) to others!

Best of all ….


Because of this:

    • No “cut-rate” discount company competition that can screw up your profits.
    • No one else can sell them – unless you authorise them to.
    • You determine the price.

In addition,ordering Snapbuds now will place you in the spotlight – on a daily basis, due to the curiosity over a brand new product – with your name/logo on it!

There are a number of ways we can help you raise valuable income for your charity.

No matter where you live or tour, we’are ready to help with your Merchandising Efforts.

Our Company goal obviously revolves around you getting what you want.

Now is the time to contact us. Unique opportunities, like this, don’t come up too often!

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