Fundraising with Snapbuds

Introducing a valuable tool for all fund raising organisations!

Be part of potentially one of the biggest global trending product launches in years that will not only generate valuable revenue but also raise your brands awareness and engage all ages.
    • A cool, functional, customisable accessory, with a huge global market.
    • An innovative trending product that will have considerable global multimedia support with your name all over it?
    • A fast selling, in demand item with the potential to generate significant revenue for your cause.

What are Snapbuds?

It’s not exactly rocket science so we think this 2 minute video explains it rather well.

Like wrist bands that show the wearers support for a good cause, we believe Snapbuds; customised with your organizations branding, can play a similar role with a further practical value added.

Showing support for a good cause and serving a functional purpose makes it something that the public would be happy to pay for.

We like to support good causes too, wherever we can and we would be happy to talk to you about how we can help you achieve your objectives

The Compelling facts of Snapbuds!

    • The original Snapbuds launch on in April/May 2015 presold product prior to manufacture in over 33 countries within the first 4 days.
    • Snapbuds will launch to the world commercially in March 2016 so you are here! Now! Reading about us on the ground floor.
    • Snapbuds are a world first, so we know for a fact, none of your army of supporters has a competitive product and you have first chance to fulfil their desire to own their own set.
    • There is no risk to your company or brand either financially or ethically, you are in full control of your brand at all times.
    • Snapbuds will appeal to anyone with a set of earphones who listen to an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Any Smart Phone or audio enabled device; from ages 6 to 60. A huge market.
    • We offer you a healthy margin off RRP and you are free to sell your personalised Snapbuds at whatever price you and your audience consider acceptable – You have the exclusive on your Logo use.
    • Snapbuds are functional as well as customisable. They help increase the life span of earbuds systems potentially saving users money.
    • With a forecast of 10+ million units in the US alone this could be one of the biggest trending products launched in years.
    • Fundraising with Snapbuds will propel your campaigns to significant levels.
There are a number of ways we can help you raise valuable income for your charity.
  • We can provide you with branded product at a preferential rate that you do with as you wish (for example);
  • You decide on your own fundraising sale price
  • Or give away a free set of Snapbuds with every donation over a certain amount (you decide)
  • You generate interest amongst your supporters and direct them to your Snapbuds offer on your website or ours (it’s your decision).
  • You can fulfil the order;OR if you like, we can deal with all of your inbound inquiriesand ship direct to your supporters then forward you your earnings for the sale.(It’s your choice!)
  • If you have a preferred method or alternative suggestions we are happy to hear them.

Request a contact via your preferred method

Paul +61 450 742 880 [AUS]

David +44 7765 507 639 [UK]