The Snapbuds Story

Watch here to view this cheeky look at how the Team at Snapbuds out of Portland Oregon, have taken the world by storm to solve one of the great first world problems. Snapbuds, the worlds first and only customizable Earbud detangling system.

To date the Snapbuds roll-out plan has met all planned expectations, commencing March/ April 2017 with a massively successful crowd-funding campaign on

Planning to raise $18,000 through The Indiegogo campaign, John Friess and the team from Portland Oregon surpassed their goal by a whopping 385% eventually raising $70,112. In the first 4 days of the campaign pre-sales had been made in 33 countries around the globe to well over 1,000 individual supporters, a numerous Corporate entities purchasing large volume customized packages.

Friess and the Team from Snapbuds were contacted by companies such as Brookstone, Walmart and more with view to National Distribution across the USA

We have our team in place, our manufacturer partners lined up, and our fulfilment partnership ready to move. Please find below the timeline for getting you your Snapbuds.

April: Finalize the engineering and place the tooling orders for both Snapbuds small and Snapbuds large.

April/May: Tooling build out for the Snapbuds versions and procurement of raw materials and components.

June/July: Parts qualification, pilot production, quality assurance and product validation of Snapbuds versions.

August/September: Begin manufacturing of the first and subsequent runs of the Snapbuds versions and deliver them to our fulfilment house.

October: Finalize the assembly, customization, and packaging, and begin fulfilment to our Indiegogo supporters.

Manufacturing: Creating the tooling to manufacture a product with this level of specifications requires expert knowledge to get it right. There is typically a 45-60 day lead time to create the moulds. To minimize that possibility we’re working with tooling manufacturers partners with a track record for prompt quality.

Refinements: As the Snapbuds gets geared up for production, there will likely be some minor adjustments to improve the final product. Pre-production prototypes are made to test and refine the product and allow us to incorporate our adjustments and those suggested by experienced manufacturing partners.

Fulfilment: Sometimes things go not as planned such as a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or a shipment gets lost. Those things could cause a delay. To minimize the possibility of manufacturing setbacks we will enter the manufacturing stage with at least one back-up supplier for each component.

We will be working with manufacturers who have years of experience delivering excellent products in tremendous quantities. There will no doubt be some surprises along the road, but any obstacle will be addressed by combining our internal knowledge with external expertise, and an overall goal of making the best possible product for you, our Snapbuds customer.

We can’t wait to see you walking down the street with your untangled earbuds and to say thank you for your support here on Indiegogo.